H201 Vitamin C Shower Filter (Ylang Ylang Iris)

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Fragrant mosturizing vitamin-C shower filter (Ylang Ylang Iris)

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H201 fragrant moisturizing vitamin-C shower filter should be everyone’s very first step of true skincare. Vitamin-C in the filter removes chlorine from water on contact and the added snail mucilage extract and milk powder moisturize and nourish the skin and hair. Our product has been tested for residual chlorine according to the FDA 21 CFR177.1850 Textryls conditions of uses test. The product fits most of the shower heads/hose used in the world and the shelf life is 36 months.



  1. Removes Chlorine (chlorine in water)
  2. Reach out the smell of rust (iron)
  3. Moisturizing and whitening skin
  4. Caring for the scalp and hair
  5. Reduces symptoms of eczema (itching)
  6. Aroma therapy that makes the body more relaxed and comfortable

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