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From the Manufacturer:

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro + is equipped with TOF 3D, a completely new technology in cleaning that is often used in self-driving vehicles. TOF 3D identifies and measures distance efficiently and avoids the vacuum cleaner running into objects thanks to precise calculation and smart sensors.

10 times more exact

vSLAM with TOF 3D scanning function is up to 10 times more accurate than infrared scanning. Cables, slippers and toys are avoided efficiently by the vacuum cleaner’s 3D scanner during cleaning. As soon as it comes close to an object, it automatically slows down and instead moves around the object. Should a sofa or table be too low for the vacuum cleaner to get under, it will not even try, all to avoid getting stuck.

With the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro +, Xiaomi once again leads the development with innovation at an extreme price. How about:

  • 3000Pa powerful motor that ensures clean floors
  • Smart navigation with vSLAM and 3D TOF technology for more efficient cleaning
  • Dual gyroscope, optical flow sensor and cliff sensor
  • Smart electronically controlled water tank with 3 levels for water distribution
  • 5200mah battery
  • Alexa and Google Home Support

3D VSLAM for exakt maping

Equipped with TOF 3D sensor and VSLAM, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro + performs significantly better than competing products. It scans areas up to 4 times larger and has up to 5 times higher accuracy in mapping.

3000pa suction

A Japanese-made, brushless motor with an output of 3000pa ensures long durability. The built-in dust container holds 550ml and is easily emptied with a few simple steps. The battery of 5200mah provides long operating time (180min / 240sqm) and should the vacuum run out of battery, the vacuum cleaner goes back to the charging station, recharges and then continues to clean.

Bedroom, living room or kitchen: where do you want to clean?

After the first cleaning, the vacuum will identify and save the rooms it has cleaned. You can then fold, divide and name the rooms to choose to send the vacuum cleaner to the room you want to clean. You can of course control all this easily via your Mi Home app on your smartphone.

No-go zones and virtual walls, without accessories

Say goodbye to magnetic barrier tape and other aids on your floors! If you do not want to clean a specific area, you easily create a virtual wall in the Mi Home app that the vacuum cleaner learns directly. You no longer need to buy magnetic barrier tape or other aids to create no-go zones or virtual walls. In addition, it is extremely easy to add a temporary wall or adjust existing ones.

Additional information



battery capacity

5200 mAh

Running time

180 minutes

water tank capacity

250 ml

waste bin capacity

550 ml


6 months

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